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September 18, 2010 / scherstuhl

Another weekly Crap round up!

The image accompanying a blog post should be strong and arresting. Its caption need not be.

Not much time for country reviews and the like in the last week . . .  but I still managed to spew forth some serious torrents of notable Crap.

First, there’s this consideration of a 1961 muscle magazine. HAHA, it makes you think it’s going to be full of “Hey, lookit the nekkid guys!” jokes, but then it suckerpunches you with thoughtfulness.

Here’s the post on the Pitch.

Here it is on the Village Voice for some reason!

The nekkid guys are pretty funny, though.

Also, here’s the first installment of Studies in Crap West, which now runs Mondays in the LA Weekly!  Up first: a lusty little star-sign astonishment called Astro-Sexology.

Studies in Crap now runs in three time zones. I’m aiming for you next, Cook Island Time (UTC -10)!

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