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September 26, 2010 / scherstuhl

Getting fungent with another weekly Crap round up!

Your Crap Archivist with close, personal friend Rob Zombie.

Another week has passed, which means another Studies in Crap stinkbomb chucked at your internet. Hope you’ve got a gas-mask because even by the SiC standards this one is pungent. (But fun. Can I coin the term “fungent”?)

First up, over at the Pitch and the Village Voice, it’s the self-published and spectacularly un-fact checked The Untold History of America. Did you know that the US, the Soviets, and the aliens teamed up to build a secret base on the moon? Did you know that Henry Kissinger was a Bolshevik? Did you know that Gerald Ford was a —

— uh —

— – that one I’ll leave for the piece!

Also, here’s the second edition of Studies in Crap West Coast, in the LA Weekly. This one’s on a 1966 schoolbook titled “Let’s Visit the Middle East” that pretty much explains American misconceptions about Islam through alarming thoughts like this:

“Given time and help to solve their many problems, the nations of the Middle East may once again contribute much to civilization.”

And Also Also, here’s part two in my Los Angeles Bus Rants series, as originally presented here on this very blog. It’s filthy! Seriously, if you read it you will want to punch my mama in the mouth.

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