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October 5, 2010 / scherstuhl

Blogs is blogs is beauty: Gertrude Stein presents your weekly Crap Update!

Caption caption caption. Caption? "Caption caption," caption caption caption caption.

We belong with blogposts posted on a blog and in a case that blogposts have come in fact to be posted on a weblog for blogposts we may say we must say that this case demands of us further blogpostings on a weblog we belong to so that we all know that those blogposts belong.

Here are blogposts on weblogs built for blogposts that here are now being blogged about.

Studies in Crap at the Pitch and the Village Voice:  “Lara Croft is Always Game for Watersports.” Eros & Teletubbies & Michael Keaton as nightmare snow fellow Jack Frost!

And at the LA Weekly, a thing that was blogged that is logged here for its thingness: “The Truth About Juvenile Delinquency.

Furthermore, blogged blogged blog ged . Blog ged. Blogged G.E.D. blog God blog blog glob. Glob of God. Blog blog blog bog bog boggle gobble. Gobble blog blog gob gobble gable.

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