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November 8, 2010 / scherstuhl

Five cool & unsettling images from the Pinball Hall of Fame

All taken Friday, November 6, at the Pinball Hall of Fame, a strip-mall warehouse of flipper/bumper/TILTy glory a couple miles from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s by far my favorite place in Las Vegas . . .

. . .  with the possible exception of the Salvation Army on West Charleston, where I scored this signed Liberace program for just fifty cents.


At last, the mystery is solved! Liberace loved a woman named Kay!

Anyway, more crazy pinball shots below.

Here’s a terrifying, ball-eating head.

And here’s a sexy study-time playmate dressed in a Wonder Bread bag.

Here’s the only woman on any pinball machine ever who is not drawn all sexy: a Buckingham Palace tour guide.

Even creepier than one creepy ball-eating head? Two creepy ball-eating heads!

— Alan Scherstuhl

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