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November 10, 2010 / scherstuhl

Patterson presents your weekly Crap round up!

My human companion has as always been wasting prime pet-giving time tickling away at the cold belly of his Mac Book! I ask you: can the internet purr? Can a computer nibble gently at your fingertips? On a brisk California evening can that Mac Book rest warmly in your lap?

Oh, really?

Well, I bet it can’t eat bees or pass a blissed-out afternoon following the sun across the floor.

Anyway, here are the thoughts he has been tickling out this week:

First, for Studies in Crap, he wrote about some old book that I hear is pretty much straight-up porno. Porno is, of course, a vulgarization of my two great interests: lying spreadeagled and indiscriminate licking.

Then, at the LA Weekly, there’s this look at  “The Christian Mother Goose,” which he seems to find funny because it’s a bad evangelical rewrite of old human nursery rhymes. Me, I’m more like, “Gooses! Where?”

Finally, here is yet another tale of humans acting silly on buses. Cats cannot take buses because cats have style.

[Alan adds: Be sure to visit Patterson’s page on Facebook. Honestly, Alan does not do the updates for it.]


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