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I’m the film editor at The Village Voice, where I write about film, books, music, theater, and politics. I also the host of the Voice‘s Film Club Podcast and am the author of the long-running blog series Studies in Crap, a look at the most ridiculous of forgotten books and magazines. @studiesincrap



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  1. William S. Webber V / Dec 8 2016 1:39 am

    I recently read your review of “The Red Pill”, it seemed quite caustic and dismissive. And you have even got the stones to call the director a propagandist. And yet when you reviewed “The Case Against the 8” you called it a “Stirring” Documentary. Films and films critics should stand on their own artistically, intellectually and objectively your political beliefs should not color the page. I sensed an intellectually dishonest piece in your first paragraph when your snide sarcasm came out with the tumbleweeds metaphor. It’s like a red light or a horn going off, incoming snide invectives in replace of a critical and honest eye. What has journalism come to when sarcasm and gross hubris take the place of a well written objective piece of work. You remind me of the rest of the lying legacy media who got the election wrong in spades and can’t except the results without whining, recounting & rioting. Where has the integrity and vigor gone in the media? I used to be on the left but pc indentity politics grew too old for me. Realized I couldn’t cross the rubicon to become a full fledged cultural Marxist just yet. When do we roll out the pedophilic apologists piece? Or the Donald Trump is a Nazi in league with the Russians? Oh wait that’s been done. And now the “finale” everything and anything that opposes the left is “fake news”. You guys are a fucking riot, if it were not so corruptingly sad it would be hysterically funny. I’m sure you are certainly aware of the exceptionally high rates of young male suicide, you probably celebrate it, judging by your “Swift Boat” hatchet job of the Red Pill. Shhh.. Obama bundler and frequent guest, architect of the trans bathroom agenda; Terry Bean convicted of kid napping and rape of a child.. Don’t tell anyone, no one else is.

  2. John Mahoney / Mar 22 2017 10:32 am

    The Voice is trash now, not like the old days.

  3. Charlie Rubin / May 27 2017 9:21 pm

    Dear Alan
    I wrote Favorite Dinosaurs. Get in touch if you want. Today is my birthday, I love that piece, and you brought it back to life. The best gifts are the ones you didn’t know you wanted. If you live in NYC, collect on your burger. I’m going to look through my closet later to find an unobstructed version. Closet’s scary, unclear if I can do that.
    Charlie (Rubin). will be at 212-998-1522. (Tisch School of the Arts) mid-afternoon tomorrow

  4. David Garnes / Dec 30 2017 1:36 am

    So glad to see “A Quiet Passion” listed among your best films of the year. In just a few sentences, you captured perfectly the essence and scope of Terence Davies’ vision of Dickinson’s life and work.

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